An inde­pen­dent graph­ic design­er spe­cial­is­ing in visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion for brands, events and pub­li­ca­tions. Help­ing every­one from star­tups to not-for-prof­its, social entre­pre­neurs and larg­er organ­i­sa­tions, look their best and thrive with­in their marketplace.

Orig­i­nal­ly from an illus­tra­tion edu­ca­tion, I shift­ed my love for mark-mak­ing, typog­ra­phy, words, image and com­po­si­tion away from the illus­tra­tion camp and head­ed towards the graph­ic design arena.

I trained in full ser­vice agen­cies, free­lanc­ing my way around Bris­tol and the South West learn­ing the eti­quette that the big brands expect. As part of a team I worked on projects for Adi­das, Alis­tair Sawday’s, BBC, Dor­ling and Kinder­s­ley, Lady­bird, Lan­drover, Mat­tel and SITA UK. Cor­po­rate guide­lines and brand guardians would keep you in check with mil­i­tary atten­tion to detail, all good stuff for hon­ing one’s skills and gain­ing confidence. 

These days I main­ly work from my pri­vate stu­dio. I pre­fer to form a part­ner­ship with my clients for the project’s dura­tion and beyond, tak­ing own­er­ship of my work and see­ing a brief through from begin­ning to end. If projects require third par­ty skills I have a trust­ed pool of resource to turn to.

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I work from offices in West York­shire and Bris­tol but as a remote free­lancer my client base extends to Cana­da, the USA and Hong Kong. It real­ly doesn’t mat­ter where you work from and if a face to face meet­ing is need­ed I’ll hap­pi­ly get on a train or plane and come and see you. 

These are the facts but my pro­file wouldn’t be com­plete with­out men­tion­ing my rela­tion­ship with the cre­ative process. It can slap you down, rough you about a bit, keep you awake at night, make you hum­ble, give you courage, keep you curi­ous but near­ly always rewards you for your hard work and ded­i­ca­tion. I have been lucky enough to forge a career from a set of skills I love doing, and I nev­er, ever want to stop learning.

Cur­rent­ly playing

The Office Dog

Meet Cros­by, an impor­tant mem­ber of the team. He does­n’t say much but he keeps me relaxed which in turn keeps the good design flow­ing. He also forces me out of the office chair for much need­ed exer­cise twice a day. Some of my best ideas are born from the dai­ly dog walks and away from the screen.

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He does­n’t join me in meet­ings these days, he prefers to stay behind and man the phones.

Crosby Dog Sketch