Bris­tol Folk House

An adult edu­ca­tion cen­tre in the heart of Bristol


I have been respon­si­ble for the Bris­tol Folk House (BFH) design require­ments for over 10 years. The BFH are an Adult Edu­ca­tion Cen­tre in the heart of Bris­tol com­mit­ted to encour­ag­ing a com­mu­nal spir­it of equal oppor­tu­ni­ty. Not only offer­ing cours­es and work­shops, the café and gar­den pro­vide a peace­ful retreat from the busy city streets. 


Their print­ed termly pro­gramme of cours­es and work­shops con­tains a great deal of essen­tial infor­ma­tion that needs to be pre­sent­ed in a coher­ent and easy to nav­i­gate lay­out. I enjoy cre­at­ing the typo­graph­ic hier­ar­chy of styles that you need for a infor­ma­tive yet aes­thet­ic page. In con­trast, the cov­er has always been the cre­ative plat­form to enhance the BFH’s unique inclu­sive per­son­al­i­ty that main­ly draws on their 100 year his­to­ry. Col­lage was often used in the ear­li­er days to cre­ate metaphor­i­cal themes that rein­force the BFH com­mit­ment to learn­ing for pleasure. 

BFH127-Spring-18-Cover BFH128-Summer-18-Cover BFH129-Autumn-18-Cover_LR
Bfh120 Spring 2017 Cover Bfh117 Autumn 2016 Cover Hr Bfh110 Spring 2016 Cover
Bfh107 Autumn 2015 Front Cover Hr 868  Bfh Spring Cover Aw 917  Autumn 2013 Cover Final 1
102 Autumn 2014 Cover Final 886  Bfh Autumn Cover Lr 931  Spring 2014 Lr 1
Summer Schools Covers 2016 873  Bfh Summer Cover Aw 896  Spring 2013 Cover Final Aw
8509  Spring 11 Complete V2 8517  Bfh Summer 11 Hr Aw Bfh Spring 2010 Cover
Bfh Summer Cover

Cov­er art­work print­ed on the café tables.

Ac Website Bfh Tables 1 Ac Website Bfh Tables 2
Darkroom Sign