Unti­tled No.1

Unti­tled No.1 is a bespoke mar­ket­place of beau­ty and lifestyle prod­ucts curat­ed by Jo Leversuch.

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The art of the unbrand. The very name, Unti­tled No.1 sug­gests an under­stat­ed, util­i­tar­i­an, gen­der­less iden­ti­ty. In art the title unti­tled’ leaves room for the view­er to cre­ate their own impression.

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One font, one weight. Styl­is­tic alter­na­tives above, show­ing the many ways to type, unti­tled num­ber one. The seem­ing­ly unbrand­ed iden­ti­ty sud­den­ly has plen­ty of scope when we focus on the details. These vari­ants can fea­ture on social media posts as ani­mat­ed gifs or quick ani­ma­tions for video intros. 

Postal bar codes tak­en out of con­text and enlarged can be used as abstract pat­terned assets. These graph­ics are infor­ma­tion at its most sim­pli­fied, with all per­son­al­i­ty removed. This cor­re­sponds with our paired back, util­i­tar­i­an identity.

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The iden­ti­ty’s kit of parts, was applied to a range of col­lat­er­al for screen and print, includ­ing:
Social media posts
Web­site lay­out
Thank you post­cards
Postal pack­ag­ing
Stick­ers and tape.

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Web devel­op­er and co-cre­ative on Unti­tled No.1adart.design